Anime Blanket – Sexy Anime Woman Blanket Set – “Oni Girl” Art by Ibrahem Swaid and Calad


Anime Blanket - Sexy Anime Woman Blanket Set - "Oni Girl" Art by Ibrahem Swaid and Calad

Anime Blanket – Sexy Anime Woman Blanket Set – “Oni Girl” Art by Ibrahem Swaid and Calad

Anime Girl Blanket– Sexy “Oni Girl” By Ibrahem Swaid on Artstation!

This anime girl blanket makes a perfect gift for anime lovers and anyone who collects original art. This is an original art print blanket set by our friend Ibrahem Swaid from Artstation! The design is entitled Oni Girl. and it is a unique piece that Ibrahem and his friend Calad collaborated together to make.


The picture features a hybrid goddess of some kind, wearing animal teeth around her neck, that look like they could be part of her, or maybe an old shell that she shed to be beautiful.


One of our personal favorites by Ibrahem Swaid. The colors are red, blue. purple and yellow on a maroon background. The blanket set comes with a blanket and two pillow cases, and it is printed and shipped by


Keep reading to find out more about the this Anime Girl Blanket, plus get information about  shipping, sizing info, and other product recommendations from Ibrahem Swaid and some of our other featured artists!



ET – Oni Girl by Ibrahem Swaid



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  • Brand Name: Ibrahem Swaid
  • Model Number: IB401
  • Pattern: Anime Style Girl Print
  • Original Source: Oni Girl by Ibrahem Swaid.
  • Item Type: Original Art Blanket Set
  • Size: Blanket: 86″ x 70
  • Pillowcases 20″ x 30″ without zipper (one-sided custom).
  • Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.



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