Venom is one of Marvel’s most powerful and popular characters in comics history… Until the release of his film, all we had was a series of articles tracing the path of Venom through the Marvel Universe and a mini-series that was dedicated to the character.
Venom is an alien symbiote who first appeared in a 1984 version of the amazing Spider-man #252. In the beginning, his black costume was merely a new outfit, but the readers quickly found out that what lies underneath is a creature endowed with its own will…. One of Venom’s powers aside from inhuman strength o course, is the willingness and ability to shapeshift by “grafting” to his human host.
Peter Parker gets rid of Venom 6 months later in Amazing Spider-Man #258, when Venom gets locked in the Baxter building under the supervision of the fantastic four.
But Venom manages to escape… He attacks Peter Parker again in the pages of Web of Spider-man #1 in 1985. Spider-man gets rid of him by using the sound of a church bell tower nearby, using Venom’s sensibility to sound vibrations to overpower him.
Next of course is where Peter Parker underestimates Venom’s power, when Venom grafts onto a certain Eddie Brock, a fallen journalist has his own boiling hatred of Spider-man. Brock had written an article claiming to reveal the identity of a serial killer, the Sin-eater, but this information was proven wrong when Spider-Man captured the actual criminal.
His journalistic credibility at stake, Eddie Brock found himself jobless and blacklisted in the world of journalism. The symbiote and Eddie Brock made their first real appearance in 1988 in amazing Spider-man #300.
Venom has been an undeniable success for Marvel, prompting then to reuse the character many times throughout history. After several fights, Eddie Brock and his symbiote are locked in  a prison for Super criminals together.
Venom then escaped, killing a few guards in transit and threatening Peter Parker’s family while he was at it. With the intervention of the Super-Villain Styxx, and his mortal touch, in amazing Spider-man #333, the costume is rendered inert and Brock is finally locked up in Rykers island.
Even then the story kept going… Venom woke up once again to rescue Brock from prison, while leaving a graft to the criminal Cletus Cassidy, who then becomes the Super-Villain Carnage. When Carnage soaks New York in fire and blood, Spider-man and Venom are forced to form an Alliance.
If venom and Brock are animated only by the urge to kill the Spider man, they don’t support the harm to the innocent Amazing Spider-man #263. Once again opposed in amazing Spider-man #375 in 1993, the two characters set a truce when Peter rescued Eddie’s ex-wife from death.
This is the starting point of some twenty venom mini-series that started in 1993 and that ended five years later, all of which are independent but broadcast on a monthly basis.
We have definitely not seen the last of Venom…


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