Art Hoodie - Colorful


Welcome to our product page for Jay Trevor! Jay is a very talented artist that we met up with on deviantART, who agreed to let up feature his artwork on some of our apparel and other items here on Character Crush Clothing!

Keep reading to learn more about the artist, and see some more examples of his work! Scroll down to see Jay Trevor original art hoodies! More to come very soon!


Jay Trevor is a popular artist on deviantART art community. He is a member of 57 groups in the deviantART community and has had well over 5,000 page views for his artwork. His gallery has been viewed over 13,000 times to date.


Here is Jay Trevor’s Personal Artist Bio


Hello, my name is Jay Trevor and I am an aspiring surreal artist. My Passion lies within 3D animation and its effect on the mind. I am inspired by the psychedelic 60’s era of art and I draw inspiration from early 90’s CG animations. I feel that I express myself best through dark and surreal subjects as well as looking at household objects as if they were people. Because there are many art clichés that exist, I try and focus on objects that have long been forgotten or simply ones haven’t been used in a way to enhance psychedelic imagery. The majority of my art is CC0 or CC1 because I am trying to share an emotional experience through my art and recompense is truly secondary. This is my passion and my focus on my art.
Jay Trevor


Jay has been working as an artist for a very long time, and while he does most of his work in the Blender design software, his art style, and every piece that he shares with the other artists on deviantART come from somewhere else that exists way before it ever hits the software!

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