Featured Artists -Artists Supplies in a Cartoon Like Scene with Writing
Featured Artists -Artists Supplies in a Cartoon Like Scene with Writing


Our ‘featured artists’ category will be filled with a combination of our own original art, and artists who choose to join us in our artist collaboration program. We have an artist that we’ve hooked up with on other platforms and artist communities have decided to team up with us in order to help us have something totally original to offer customers and visitors, and we will be adding new products and designs monthly.

Feel free to look around if you want and you can use the filters below to filter down to the type of product you’re looking for. if you would like more information about an artist collaboration program and what we have to offer artists, click this link to go to our artist collaboration page. Follow this link to use our contact form to reach out to us, and we’ll be in touch with you and under a day!


We are in the process of running ads, talking to artists in art communities, and optimizing targeted blogs in an attempt to get you a collection of the finest original art apparel on the planet! We already have hooked up with some truly amazing talent!

Here are our featured artists:


Ibrahem Swaid is one of Artstation’s most talented artists! He works with big name brands such as Lucas Arts/Star Wars, IDW comic, Capcom, as well as others. Ibrahem went to school for art and loves what he does, and you can tell by his work that he is a naturally talented person with an incredible imagination. Read more here on Ibreham’s Page!


Jay Trevor is a popular artist on deviantART art community. His art gallery has been viewed over 13,000 times on deviantART. He is very friendly, open-minded, and artistic, and he was naturally interested in 3D art and animation from a very young age.

We are proud to have Jay Trevor’s artwork featured on products here at Character Crush Clothing! You can read Jay’s full bio here on his product page!

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