Copyright Infringement Disclaimer and Compliance Notice

Copyright Infringement and Compliance Notice – Character Crush Clothing

Character Crush Clothing (““) respects and earnestly and strictly abides by intellectual property laws. That said, GrimeArt.Shop prauerfully expects that all parties who are allowed to post content on GrimeArt.Shop, and all of the merchants in which we enter into an affiliate marketing agreement with such as eBay, AliExpress, and Amazon (to name a few) all hold the same values.

In addition, GrimeArt.Shop assumes that all of its merchants are the rightful owners or lawful licensees of any and all content that they offer us to market for them on our website, including but not limited to products, designs, name brands, icons, logos, and/or any other type of visual, physical, written, or designed creative works. displayed on this website.

Our Disclaimer

Character Crush Clothing does not knowingly take part in any type of unauthorized publication, reproduction, copying, distribution, or redistribution of copyrighted works. We know that this is an infringement of the copyright owners’ rights and is therefore prohibited, and moreover, we have too much respect for the original owners of the works. (Not to mention that we understand that there are just too many honest ways to make honest money online, and we are like a good majority of people when we say that to break the law and have to face legal ramifications for it would completely FRAZZLE our nerves and hurt our feelings! 🙂

About Our Own Intellectual Property

In addition, any unauthorized use of patents, trademarks, slogans, service marks, logos, website copywriting and/or copyrighted materials or any branded content of any kind without the prior written permission of GrimeArt.Shop is strictly prohibited.

If you do infringe upon the rights of GrimeArt.Shop with respect to any of our content contained here on our website, you will be ordered to cease such illegal activity immediately and could face being held liable to GrimeArt.Shop for any and all damages (including any attorney fees in the case of legal preceedings.)

About Our Fan Art

PLEASE NOTE: Character Crush Clothing decided to express our creativity and passion for some of our favorite celebrities in music, comics, and anime here in the site. We mainly do this through the use of fan art, which we use for full-color hoodies, t-shirts, and other products. We do this in the hopes that our creativity will be understood, and taken into account before any legal actions are taken, but we also understand that fan art is a controversial issue. Here is our stance on the artwork that we have containing content relating to the likeness of others. (Well known or not)

We have very strong feelings about our favorite artists and brands, and we never meant to cross any lines, but we felt that the world would be blessed with more artwork and appreciative creative works regarding their favorite artists if we were free to express ourselves.

Not only that… We wanted to open the door for bigger opportunities in the future through our artwork, to possibly enter into legal agreements to pay royalties to the appropriate parties, and maybe even design work for them to offer on their own websites, stores, etc…

That said, if we have crossed any lines, all you have to do is tell us and we will comply, but we were hoping to get permission from the artists, and we are actively working on that right now!

About the Intellectual Rights of Our Visitors

If you are a legitimate copyright owner, and you believe that your rights have been violated in any way, through any of the content, services, products, or images displayed on this site, please notify us immediately so that we can correct the issue ASAP at:

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