Best Anime on Hulu – Our Favorites of 2019 and Why We Like Them!

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Best Anime On Hulu – Our Favorites of 2019 and Why We Like Them

Filtering results down to the best 100 anime series or movies is a little too much to ask anyone. Especially when you have a new store to get products for, social media and PR marketing, website issues, and 10 billion other things to do to build your brand into the beautiful dream that you see in your vision. We did, however, find time to share with you the best anime on Hulu because we watch them, and that’s not very hard to do is that we like the best ones…

We’ve compiled some of the best anime on Hulu for you, with reasons why we like them, and trailers for each one, so you can see if they are something you think you would like. We also wanted to hook you up with this company we found that offers a free 7-day trial, where you get Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, Time Warner Cable, Xfinity, and a lot more.

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Best Anime on Hulu – Akira

The Best Actual Anime Movie – Akira

There are a ton of great anime movies, and more come out every year, but Akira still stands out above the rest. Akira is a beautiful movie you can watch, that has great attention to detail, a nice storyline and some really fantastic, action-packed animated sequences to boot! Akira broke new ground by not being lazy and animating every scene, setting it apart from other anime movie and making a strong quality statement from square one…

Watch once and be a believer… This was the first anime movie we ever saw, and it’s still our favorite!

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Best Anime on Hulu Attack on Titan

The Best Action Anime – Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan does a great job of keeping viewers on the edge of their seat without being horrifying. If you can stomach the disgusting appearance of titanium titans and the way they swallow their victims, underneath the gore, you will find an action anime that has a heavy plot, with a full-bodied character evolution embedded in the scenes.

Best Anime on Hulu – Shin Sekai Yori

The Best Supernatural Anime – Shin Sekai Yori

While many different animes include fantastic real-world elements and this can make a fun and appealing show… The best supernatural anime has made it one more step forward.

Shin Sekai Yori, or From the New World, takes anime to a whole new level… The series begins sort of slow, but this is necessary due to the first few episodes that are aimed at identifying the characters and the building the amazing supernatural world they live in.

With attention to the detail, and the complex topics explored throughout the series working together, Shin Sekai Yori is arguably the best supernatural anime and a legitimate wonderwork of speculative fiction.

Best Anime on Hulu – Steins

The Best Science Fiction Anime – Steins

Steins; Gate revolves around time travel, but not just using time travel as a plotter. He explores the concept in an overwhelming way, establishes internally agreed rules on how time travel works, and has a strict time schedule that is a cut above the rest.

Excellent anime… Worth watching!

Best Anime on Hulu FLCL

The Biggest Anime – FLCL

There are some very amazing animes out there… So many that pinning down the coolest anime is very difficult. But we can say that FLCL gets a nod, because it’s short, sweet, visually stunning, and somewhat still realistic.

FLCL has only six episodes, but it actually plays in its favor. Each episode is full of action without jamming in, and it all rises to cope with the fantastic soundtrack of Pillows.

One of the best things about FLCL is that you can watch the whole thing in one day without feeling too guilty. This is a concentrated shot of coolness, which easily comes back over and over again.

Best Anime on Hulu – Death Note

The Best Anime Series – Death Note

A Death Note is the crest of the anime series genre because of its dark subjects, interesting premise, and a complicated hero that is more of a villain than a hero depending on your point of view. Death Note is a complex story that poses difficult questions that resonate with many viewers.

Best Anime on Hulu – Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed best anime on Hulu news blog! Moreover, we hope you enjoy the PlayOn free subscription! we love PlayOn because you get all the channels from all of the greatest vendors, and they’re affordable too! We use PlayOn to record our favorite anime series Akira and anything that the kids want to watch!

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